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I'm Claire Cohen


I am a Registered Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, having spent three years of in-depth study and 200 clinical hours on the nauropathic nutrition diploma at the College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Using diet and lifestyle suggestions I aim to empower people to nourish their own health and learn how to feel their absolute best. I believe in creating easy, achievable, and sustainable changes that become part of everyday life.


I love to share my joy for the rich variety of benefits found in wholefood, putting into practice all I have learned to create the most amazing food.

CNHC - Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council is the independent regulator for healthcare practitioners acting solely in the public interest. It enables clients to choose complementary therapies with confidence.


BANT – British Association for Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine is the leading professional governing body for registered Nutritional Therapy practitioners, maintaining standards of excellence in the field.


My Journey to Nutritional Therapy


I grew up in a family where food was used as celebration, ceremony, and reward, then spent the 90s working in advertising in Soho, where food was excessive and ever present. I had fun and indulged without thought of the consequences. Dancing in clubs was my main form of exercise!

On the millennium Wallace and Gromit brought me to Bristol and while working as an animation puppet maker I rediscovered the outdoor world and all the adventures it had to offer. I wanted my body to give me the necessary energy to enjoy it.


I hiked long distance trails walking with all my supplies on my back. My first long distance bike ride was the Outer Hebrides the second, a year peddling from Alaska to Ushuaia, the tip of South America.

My last solo walk at 48 years old, The Teararoa Trail through New Zealand, led to my body starting to complain. Sharp pains followed by X-rays and physiotherapy on my toes showed the wear and tear signs of osteoarthritis.


No conventional treatment made any difference, I was not prepared for this to worsen or ruin the activities that I enjoy.

I worked with a nutritionist to make changes, starting with an anti-inflammatory diet I realised how much more I could have got from previous activity if I had had an awareness of nutrition.


This is what I want to share with others.
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