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Nat-Nut Nutritional Therapy
with Claire Cohen

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What Can Nutritional Therapy Offer You?

Hi I'm Claire, I work with nutrition and lifestyle adjustments  to support women through the menopause transformation.

Are you facing these adjustments?

With or without the menopause, is your daily life being affected by

any combination of the following?

Anxiety - Erratic moods

Digestive discomfort

Bloating - Indigestion - Stomach pain - Constipation - Diarrhoea

Urinary Tract Infections

Feeling tired all the time - Sleeping badly & waking up unrefreshed

Hot flushes in the day - Hot sweats in the night

Weight changes - Aching joints

Thinning hair - Dry skin

These are a few of the symptoms nutritional therapy can help with.

Let's work together to put some sustainable changes in place.

Establish good practices for your health now and into the future.


As Quoted In....

marie claire_edited.jpg
Avo and egg breakfast

I love working with
delicious wholefood...

...combined with actionable scientific research to make a positive diet and lifestyle plan, that will help you achieve your health goals.

My approach to nutrition, like the name Nat-Nut is authentic, practical and realistic. 

Our journey together will mix the research with the joy of eating good food, all led by your preferences.

We will start by taking a detailed assessment, looking at your health history and how all the systems of your body are working together, this information often reveal clues to the root cause of your current symptoms, which may not have been linked up before.

There are no quick fixes just practical, effective, sustainable recommendations to help you achieve wellness.

"I found the group support to be a huge help, we shared a lot of the same feelings at the same time and had a bit of a laugh when we needed it. Claire was always right there ready to answer any questions or concerns." 
- N.M. London
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